019. Zine culture with Daniil

Ninos friend Daniil!

This is the first episode in our podcast completely in english.If you’re new to this podcast, extra warm welcome! It’s me, NinoMick, and usually also Olivia Bergdahl (who is not with us thisepisode). We are both spoken word poets and writers from Sweden andthis is a podcast about spoken word, poetry slam and sometimes abit of book poetry.

This episode Nino is in Finland to talk with Daniil Kozlov whois a spoken word poet, publisher and teacher, amongst other stuff.For his bachelor, Dani wrote about zine culture and discovered thatthe culture of participation and do-it-yourself has a lot in commonwith spoken word culture. I find this very interesting and we talka lot about it.

We also speak about being made a political subject, even thoughyou might want to write about other stuff than how you deviant froma majority. We talk about taking spoken word into book form, andthe translation process that involves. And of course we talk aboutthe lively finnish-speaking spoken word scene, both in Helsinki andTurku.

Thanks Dani for your time and knowledge, it was awesome!

For all the swedish listeners – För lyssnare som föredrarsvenska: Nästa vecka är det Ninos kompis Saskia, då jag pratar medSaskia Gullstrand som är serieskapare, serieaktivist,klimataktivist och driver en plattform för serieskapare:Underlandet. Vi ser vad våra två små, litterära genrer kan lära ossav varandra.

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